MCAC Names Southern All-Division Squad in Men's Hoops

MCAC Names Southern All-Division Squad in Men's Hoops

Rochester, Mn-

The All-Southern Division team in men's basketball has been named for the 2017-18 season in the Minnesota College Athletic Conference.

Coaches nominate candidate from their squads and vote to place the top performers on the honorary squads.  Coaches cannot vote for their own players and must only vote on players from their Division.  Athletes named to the MCAC All-Division teams become eligible for MCAC All-State honors, to be announced later this week.

*Note the 2018 MCAC Basketball team was edited on 3/14/18 to reflect displinary action taken by the Exectuive Committe as a result of unsportsmanlike conduct and public reprimand due to behavior of Robert Parker, Riverland Community College during the MCAC State Tournament. 


2018 MCAC Basketball All-Southern Division Team:

Jumah'Ri Turner, Rochester CTC, Soph.

Kevin Schramm, Anoka-Ramsey, Soph.

Alex Brown, Minnesota West CTC, Fr.

Jace Klinkner, Riverland CC, Soph.

Kuol Chol, Minnesota West CTC, Soph.

Chris Tungseth, M State Fergus Falls, Soph.

Niko Oliver, Ridgewater College, Fr.

Chris Morgan, Anoka-Ramsey, Soph,

Austin Miller, M State Fergus Falls, Fr.

Ray Adams, Rochester CTC, Fr.

Jazz Boker, SCTCC, Fr.

Justin Castro, Anoka-Ramsey, Fr.

DeShawn Pickford, Minnesota West CTC, Fr. 

Joshua Brownlee, Western Technical College

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About the Minnesota College Athletic Conference

The Minnesota College Athletic Conference is the organizational body for NJCAA-affiliated two-year technical and community college athletic programs in the Minnesota State system.  The mission of the Minnesota College Athletic Conference is to advance intercollegiate athletics by providing an engaging and supportive environment for success of our student athletes and competition among member institutions.  The MCAC is committed to the guiding principles of encouraging the development and success of student athletes, promoting the integrity, honesty and loyalty to member schools as well as upholding the sustainability of conference athletic programs.

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