MCAC Volleyball Crossover Tournament

MCAC Volleyball Crossover Tournament

Rochester, Mn-

In their last volleyball action before the final stretch run to the NJCAA Region XIII A and B playoffs, several teams from the Minnesota College Athletic Conference converged on the Coon Rapids campus of Anoka-Ramsey Community College for the MCAC/Twin Cities Gateway Crossover Tournament. 

With the event designed to enhance cross-Divisional play, several current and former NJCAA ranked teams squared off over the course of two days to compete against teams in the Northern and Southern Divisions.  Matches played against fellow MCAC members count towards the overall record of each team but do not impact the divisional records of the participants.  Below are the overall results of the two-day tournament: 

Rochester CTC  Def. Rainy River 3-0; Def. Itasca 3-1; Def. NCTC 3-1; Lost to CLC, 3-1    
Northland CTC  Lost to RCTC 3-1; Lost to M State, 3-0; Lost to SCTCC, 3-0; Def. ARCC, 3-0 
Mesabi Range College  Def. ARCC 3-0, Def. Riverland 3-0, Def. Western Tech 3-0, Lost to M State, 3-1 
Itasca Community College  Def. Riverland 3-2; Lost to RCTC 3-1; Lost to Mn West 3-0; Lost to SCTCC 3-0
Minnesota West CTC Def. Itasca, 3-0; Def. Hibbing, 3-0.
Riverland Community College Lost to Itasca 3-2; Lost to Hibbing 3-0; Lost to Rainy River, 3-0; Lost to Mesabi 3-0
M State, Fergus Falls  Lost to CLC, 3-1; Def. Mesabi 3-1;  Def. NCTC 3-0; Def. Hibbing 3-2
Anoka Ramsey Community College  Lost to Hibbing 3-0; Lost to NCTC 3-0; Lost to Mesabi, 3-0; Lost to Rainy River 3-0
Hibbing Community College  Def. ARCC, 3-0 ; Def. Riverland, 3-0; Lost to Minnesota West 3-0; Lost to M State, 3-2
Rainy River Community College  Def. ARCC 3-0; Def.  WTC 3-1; Def Riverland 3-1; Lost to RCTC, 3-0                            
St. Cloud Technical & Community College  Def. Itasca, 3-0; Def. Northland, 3-0
Western Technical College  Lost to Rainy River, 3-1; Lost to Mesabi Range, 3-0 


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