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Following are commonly used reporting forms, handbooks and related resources to be used by member colleges within the Minnesota College Athletic Conference. 

Please allow for up to 48 hours after the submission of forms to the Conference office to be processed and distributed to the appropirate person(s) and/or committee(s).  Feedback for additional or updated materials are welcome. 

Questions, comments or concerns on these forms and related procedures should be directed to:


 NJCAA/Presto Statistics Information:

18-19 NJCAA/Presto Statstics Important Information (applies to FB, Soc, VB, BB, BsB, SB) 


WINTER SPORTS Athlete-of-the-Week Nomination Forms, Pre-Season Preview:

Basketball (M&W) Preview/Poll Form

Basketball (M&W) POW Form

Wrestling AOW Form


FALL SPORTS Athlete-of-the-Week Nomination Forms, Pre-Season Preview: 

Football Athlete-of-the-Week Nominations

Football Pre-Season Preview Form

M/W Soccer Athlete-of-the-Week Nominations

Clay Target Athlete-of-the-Week Nominations

Volleyball Athlete-of-the-Week Nominations

Volleyball Pre-Season Preview


SPRING SPORTS Athlete-of-the-Week Nomination Forms & Pre-Season Preview:

Baseball/Softball Preview Form

Baseball POW Nomination Form

Softball POW Nomination Form

Softball POW Template

Softball PiOW Template





'18-'19 MCAC Player-of-the-Week Template: 

MCAC Player-of-the-Week Certificate

MCAC Team of the Week Certificate

MCAC/NJCAA POW Statistics Reference Guide for Football

MCAC/NJCAA POW Statisics Reference Guide for VB/Soccer

Baseball POW Template

Baseball PiOW Template


'18 Fall Sport Coaches Pre-Season Meetings: 

Football Coaches Meeting Notes

Volleyball Coaches Meeting Notes

Clay Target Coaches Meeting Notes

Soccer Coaches Meeting Notes


Spring Sport Player of the Week Nomination Forms:


Baseball POW Template

Baseball PiOW Template


Softball POW Template

Softball PiOW Template


Winter Sport Player of the Week Nomination Forms: 

Men's Basketball 

Women's Basketball 




MCAC Sport Award Templates: 

BB All-Northern Division Template

BB All-Southern Division Template

SB All-Northern Division Template

SB All-Southern Division Template

VB Northern All-Division Template

VB Southern All-Division Template

VB All-State Award Template

FB Eastern Division Team Template

FB Western Division Team Template

MCAC All-State Award Template

Soccer All-Conference Award

All-Academic Award Template  

MCAC Elite '18 Award Template

Team All-Academic Award (WBB only)

All-Defensive Team (WBB only) 

All-State Award-Basketball

All-State Award-Baseball

All-State Award-Softball



NJCAA/MCAC Important Forms:

MCAC "Honoring the Game/Sportsmanship" Report Form

MCAC Contest Ejection Report Form

NJCAA Region 13 Men's Sports Handbook

NJCAA Region 13 Women's Sports Handbook

NJCAA Non-Collegial Incident Report Form 

MCAC Individual Non-Contest (Forfeit) Form

Officiating Comment Form

MCAC Contest Game Contract (Word download) 

MCAC All-Sports Pass

NJCAA 2017-18 Eligibility Handbook

MCAC Sport Medicine Committee Materials 


MCAC Fall Meeting & Spring General Assembly Notes: 

2018 Fall Meeting Minutes

FY20 Dues & Post-Season Proposal

GA Action: FDLTCC Warning Letter

2018 General Assembly Notes

2017 Fall Meeting Minutes

2017 General Assembly Minutes

2016 General Assembly Minutes 

2015 General Assembly Minutes 

2014 General Assembly Minutes 

2013 General Assembly Minutes

2012 General Assembly Minutes 

2011 General Assembly Minutes 

2010 General Assembly Minutes